Band Assessment Data

A question was asked in the forums recently about summarizing some data about student's band performance from form collected data. I have built a system that allows the teacher to visualize the data in a large number of ways.

  1. Build a form to collect the data
  2. Use an awesome table to filter and sort the data on the Google Site
  3. Build a data studio report to view the data with some visualization
  4. Use the sheet that collects the data to see performance by student, band, or instrument

Below is the sheet embedded so you can see the data as it is collected from the form. The student tab has a Data Validation drop down menu to view results per student. The Instrument tab has an instrument data validation, and the band has a band validation. If you have the sheet open you can see a summary by all these criteria.

To see the data change, fill out the form with some new information, then refresh this page to see the new data represented.

In this web view, when you click on the different tabs, you can see the student, instrument, and band that is currently selected on the sheet. In order to change them you need to have edit rights to the sheet and open it.

Band (Responses)

Awesome Table Data View

Use the filters to find the data set, then use the headers to sort any field ascending or Descending. You can setup the filters however you like.

Data Studio View