Running Record Example

Recently in the forums, a teacher asked if there was a way to forms and sheets to collect data on reading running records. I have developed this system as a solution. See if this will work for you as a running record digital solution.

This form is used by the teacher to collect the data as the student is reading. It is based on the Running Record information that is displayed in the next column. With a digital solution, it is difficult to mark up in the same way that you might on a written copy, but we can collect some of the data and automatically generate some reports.

The teacher listens to the student read the sentences that he/she sees on the screen in front of him.

The teacher is filling out the form as she listens to the student read. The form has the student name, which sentence is being read, and how the student does with each word.

The teacher uses perhaps an iPad to submit the form. Upon each form submission the student automatically gets a new sentence, and the teacher click submit a new form, reselects the student and the new sentence and records the student's progress. This is setup to collect 10 sentences of up to to words per sentence.


You can click the different tabs on this sheet to see how this is setup.

Running Record (Responses)

The sentences tab is designed to allow you to just write a sentence, which then splits it into words and calculates the word count of each sentence. When the teacher opens the form and selects the sentence number, this matches the sentence, which you can see on the summary sheet.

  • Data - this is the form s=responses tab
  • Summary - here we disaggregate the data by student and chart progress
  • Sentences - here the teacher writes the sentences, which are split into words, and counted. These are then matched up on the Summary page
  • TestPage - This is what the student sees. The student reads these sentences aloud to the teacher, who is recording the results on a different device using the form.

Printed report for a student who has taken 10 tests.

Running Record (Responses).pdf