Teaching Angles

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4/27/2018 18:53:58


How to use Explain Everything to teach angles and protractors with an iPad

The Teacher wanted to make a way to use explain everything to teach angles

  • We got an image from the web (right), put it in drawing to add a few things (red and blue lines)
  • Then we brought it into Explain Everything and set it as a background.
  • Then we added a line with a center point in the circle, and he is able to move the end of the line around to show angles.
  • Then he found a protractor that he was able to make transparent so he could impost over a picture that is taken with the ipad camera, and use the protractor to measure the angles.
  • Video of the Protractor Lesson

Explain Everything Project

  • Click here to download the project and use it on your iPad
  • I have found that I needed to first download the link above to a computer, to a folder I call Explain Everything in My Drive.
  • Then I open a new project on the iPad and import this from the google drive folder.
  • For some reason, the iPad won't download it directly.
  • Here is another way to share via iPad
  • I think with this, on an iPad if you are logged into your paid account, you can download and use the project.
  • Give it a try and let me know if it works.