Integrating Google Workspace with science lessons

Dice Roll Activity

With this Activity we want to demonstrate how you can have students collect data with a google form, use the google sheet that collects the data to do data analysis, and then add that data to a report using Google Sheets or Google Docs. This can all be setup as an assignment in Google classroom.

To simplify the data entry, this form is setup with Form Ranger add-on to automatically update the form after a new student is added with 'other' in the Name field. Once a student adds their name once, it will be in the list automatically.

Open the random dice roller URL in a separate tab and start rolling!

In order to figure out which group you are in, choose your group color by the following method:

  • If your last name begins with A-H: Blue

  • If your last name begins with I-P: Green

  • If your last name begins with Q-Z: Red

Click the dice to open the random dice roller at

I am using the Form Ranger Add-on to auto-populate the names as students add their name with the 'other' option. The next time that the form is loaded the new name should appear in the list.

These team charts will autoupdate as new dice rolls are added to the form (if you refresh the webpage).

Make a copy of this document. Put your name on it and notice how the charts on this document get an update button on them as the data changes.

Dice Report Template