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Add a form counter to your site

More Information

Clients have asked for a way to track the number of forms that have been submitted. Here are two ways that you can accomplish this.

Here is a live link to a form that I am counting: On the top is the chart from the sheet and on the bottom is a Data Studio report of the same data, using a data studio scorecard.

This is done by adding the following to your form response sheet.

  • To do this I added a column to the form response sheet, and in row A of that column is Forms Filled and in row 2 of that column I put this formula: =counta(A2:A). This counts the number of form submissions. Then I just made a speedometer chart of the two rows of data, which updates each time a form is submitted. Another suggestion was to use Data Studio, so I connected the sheet to a Data Studio report, and simply added a scorecard of the Forms Filled data, setup its style, made the report only 150px by 100px, and embedded it into the site. In the case of both the scorecard and the speedo chart, the sheet and the data studio report have to be shared anyone with the link can view so that others besides yourself can view the data.