Air Table Book Log

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With Air Table, it is easy to make a book log that your students can use to write up reports on the books they read. Air Table makes it easy and attractive to display the reports on your site.

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  1. Setup your air table account
  2. Create a new base
    1. Book Title - text
    2. Author - text
    3. Genre - single select list
    4. Your name - text
    5. Your review - paragraph
    6. Image/Audio - use this to upload an image or audio file - attachment
      1. You could use speakpipe.com to allow students to record a voice description and upload it to the airtable
    7. Document - upload a link to a google doc report - attachment
    8. URL - link to a URL about the book, author, etc. - URL
  3. Create a form view and get the embed code to the form
  4. Create a gallery view and get the embed code to the gallery

Form View From Air Table

Fill out this form and after submitting, refresh the web page to see the display of your new review.

You could just have the form view on your google classroom page for students to submit new reviews, but have the gallery view on your public web site for students, parents, administrators viewing of the student work.

Gallery View from Air Table

This is the card display from air table. As new forms are submitted the card views are updated after a page refresh.