Click the PDF to open and view what this looks like. In this example I filled out all four domains.

John Hancock 7.pdf

In this example only two domains were recorded.

John Hancock 8.pdf

Newest Additions

I have added the Complete Danielson Framework to this Walkthrough Example. In this newest version I have added all four domains and subdomains with the ability to focus on a single domain on your walkthrough or choose to observe any or all four domains. This also includes the dashboard capabilities that the original project had.

After working on the project initially, i delved into the framework and decided it might be more useful for some schools to have access to the entire set of domains. Originally, the project was only focussed on a few. Currently the form is setup to only use a single domain in a walkthrough, but that can me modified. Below is a video of the system.

Click the PDF to open and view what this looks like

wkins Observer 2.pdf

Walkthrough Observations

NEW FEATURE: If you use your phone to do the walkthrough, you can take a photo of the classroom, mark it up, upload it with the form to provide the teacher with an image of the classroom at the time.

It will appear on the teacher's PDF report that is auto-mailed to the teacher!

Walk through data is an important function that administrators need to perform for evaluation of teacher performance in the classroom. With this system, administrators can put fill out this form on a tablet, phone, or laptop, automatically send the teacher the data that has been collected, and allow the admin team to view and evaluate the data graphically on an individual or aggregate basis.

One of the problems with administrative walkthroughs is the ability to understand the data you have collected and share it visually and easily with your staff and administrative team.

I have started this Padlet discussion board for folks to contribute to the ideas, add questions, etc. Feel free to post your thoughts on the padlet board. After looking at how this system works, filling out the form so you see the sheet that is created, etc. pop back up here and post a comment!


  • Make a copy of the sheet This has the necessary formulas on the 'individual' and 'summary' sheets.
  • Make a copy of the form After you collect some data on your copy of the form, create the sheet that is connected to your form.
  • Make a copy of the merge template ( I use Document Studio)
  • Put all these files in a folder in your google drive (I always recommend a new folder for each system you create). In this folder add a new folder called "walkthrough observations output" to collect all the files that are created by Document Studio.
  • Modify the form if you like (if you do, you will have to adjust the template so it matches exactly you changes). On the form response sheet that is created with your version of the form, change the 'Form Responses 1' sheet name to 'data'.
  • On the copy of my sheet use the google sheets feature of "Copy To..." and copy the 'summary' sheet and the 'individual' sheet to your new form response sheet.
  • Your data should now populate these two sheets.

If you need help making a copy of this system, email me and setup a remote meet session where I can guide you through the process of modifying this system for you.

(It would also be possible to add a photo of the class activity.)

Recently I had a client that needed a better way to display the data that he had collected with his walkthrough form. The form that he setup was using the following criteria:

  • Unsatisfactory
  • Basic
  • Proficient
  • Distinguished

While it is nice to use the words to describe the observed behavior, we needed to assess the data in terms of numbers. I aggregated the data (he had two different forms for different time frames), then on a new sheet converted the words to the equivalent numbers.

I have redesigned the form now to collect the data numerically to make the process easier in the future.

On the Form Response sheet, I have added both an individual dashboard as well as an aggregate dashboard for administrators to look at all the data for all teachers with a single summary sheet. These sheets use conditional formatting to color the results, as well as redraw some charts that represent a visual of the data as well.

The Individual sheet allows one to select a teacher and view their scores, This sheet can be printed to PDF and sent to the teacher.

Redtailfan Observation Summary.pdf

This is an example of the printed individual summary of all this teacher's observations.

Below is the Form that you can use to see how this actually works. Fill out the form with your email address and you will be emailed the document that the teacher would receive. (I have made a change to this to allow one to upload a photo or video of the classroom activity. This requires the form to open in a new window and lets you know that your gmail address needs to be collected in order for the photo upload to work. This part of the form could be removed on you copy if you do not need to use it. I thought it would be an added feature to be able to share a photo or video of the observation with the teacher.)

This sheet is the actual data sheet that we use to summarize the data as it comes in from the data collectors. If you fill out the form and refresh the page you will see new data appear here. (add data with the 'aback' teacher selected as you do not have the permissions here to look at other teachers.

Redtailfan Observation Summary

An animate GIF of the sheet being manipulated to view different teachers.

This is an example of the PDF that is sent automatically to the teacher after the administrator submits the form. I have used a Sheet as the merge template to be able to conditionally format the results and perform calculations. This merge creates a PDF as well as a google sheet.

wkins Observer 2.pdf

In addition we attach a data studio view of the data in order to be able to manipulate it on the website.