Find ID

In this case a client wanted to just show a list of ID's so students could see if they had bought a ticket.

"I’m trying to create a form so that students can check to see if they purchased a ticket to a dance.

I have a Google Sheet with student ID numbers in Column A. I want to create a form where if a person enters their ID number, they will get back if their ID is in the spreadsheet (which means they did purchase a ticket). "

In this example, I have built an awesome table that just displays the ID (and if the data was collected via a form, the timestamp of when.)

Type in your student ID number to see if you have already registered for the dance. If your number does not appear in the search, you have not yet registered. Use the form to register!

Example for Awesome Table (Responses)

I have included the sheet so you can see the setup for the awesome table to display only the ID, (and a timestamp if necessary. If you collected the data about ticket sales without a form, and just have a sheet with all the pertinent data including the ID's you can still use that sheet and just use the Hidden NoFilter format on row two of the sheet. Awesome Table uses that row to know how to display the data in the awesome table.